Sunday, October 18, 2009

my kind of church

A few posts back I wrote about a scheduled photoshoot with some amazing couture jackets. Well, finally on Saturday the shoot was shot and damn it was gorgeous. Profesh team, mega couture clothes and the hottest model all came together to make one helluva day. This shoot is an editorial for a select magazine that I cannot say at this time.

The clothes were amazing. The jackets are a new collection created by Norisol Ferrari who created these pieces with the intention of them being heirlooms for anyone who purchases one. Their detailing and quality are incredible and truthfully, trying to capture their essence is tough because their craftsmanship is so precise. Each jacket is named after a fierce women and you must posses those qualities in order to wear one--Grace Jones, Norisol is talking to you. Brittney-you are actually banned from ever buying one, no joke. The rest of the pieces for the editorial were pulled from showrooms around NYC.  I could have married the shoes and eaten some of the dresses.

The model was Amelia Barlow and she was so hot. If Bladerunner and Grace Kelly had a lesbian child together then Amelia would have been it.


  1. Lady I love u! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I so looking forward to linking up with you!