Monday, October 19, 2009

skin me now

These images are an ode to a shop I found today. It was a tiny hole in the wall room which was locked with a note requesting to ring the doorbell. An ancient old women opened up for me and I found myself standing in a dark palace of weird animal skins, bones, furs, scales, leather and snakes. Tails were hanging from the ceiling like rain and there were mounds of weird furs everywhere. I pee'd my pants a little when I saw the stack of sheered baby lambskins from all over the world. "That's Pakistani lamb, and that's Italian lamb over there, " she told me.  When I asked if she had anything more exotic, she locked the door, closed the curtains and showed me vintage tiger skins from India.  She said she can get almost anything...slightly troubling but exciting in a "man vs. nature" sort of way.

The artist above is Lisa Black.  Taxidermy couture to the maximus.

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