Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is NOT Topshop

Had an amazing day saturated with mink, goat, shearling and leather couture jackets. Never in my life have I witnessed such gorgeous pieces of perfection and now I truly understand the meaning of couture and design, price tag included. I would post some pics but my camera does zero justice to them, so you will have to wait...I am part of an amazing creative design team and we were selected to shoot some of the pieces in about a weeks time, not even Ms. Wintour is allowed to touch these jackets, so this project is a serious pleasure and very hush hush.
I'm now gonna go to my room with a glass of wine and look at my closet with disgust.

Tshirt Dress-Rick Owens


  1. You are way kind. I am so looking forward to have touch my baby's first. I am even happier to have you. Today we shoot the look book. Got up at 4am to be sure all was ready. Cant wait to show you.