Friday, October 9, 2009

True York City

Had a knee deep day of all things related to fashion. First, my good friend Amelia needed to go winter coat shopping, but in New York City, you don't just go to a regular store and buy one off the rack, oh hell no, how boring. Here in good ol' NYC, you actually go to a designer in person and work it out from there. So we busted up to the garment district and met up with Kevin Johnn, designer and star from the first season of Project Runway. He makes extremely sophisticated clothes for women and he was kind enough to walk us through all his lookbooks and patterns till we decided on things Amelia liked for her jacket purchase.

It was awesome being amongst a working warehouse where Caroline Herrera, J. Mendel and Kevin's collections were being made. The rows of Italian women sewing and limitless size 2 samples were joyous.

We then embarked to work on a photoshoot that I will be doing next week. A few postings back I mentioned a secret project with some couture jackets and today was finalizing the storyboard and securing a space to shoot with the team. Complete success.

Along the day I ran into a few creative freaks I couldn't help but photograph. This is why I love New York so bloody much...I mean, where else can you find a surfer in Soho, a fierce rasta and a classy stylish gentlemen all living on the same island? Werk.

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