Monday, November 2, 2009

The fierce arrival of Norisol Ferrari

Last night was the debut runway show of Norisol Ferraris couture jacket collection. I cannot tell you enough how beautiful these jackets are, impeccably designed and created for the streetsmart sophisticated woman. The vibe of the show was moody, tribal, romantic and edgy, think Grace Jones rocking the dark ages. She told the models to embody the individuality of these pieces for the runway, to represent their personalities worked. I was fortunate enough to wear the final showpiece, the master...I felt like I had my kryptonite on.
Norisol Ferrari is an incredible designer and master of impeccable design. She belongs on top and I have no doubt this is where she will always stay.

Images by Peter Ruprecht.


  1. wow, these coats are incredible!

  2. ferrari jackets for men

    the above ferrari clothes looks so different and i appreciate the leather work

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