Friday, December 11, 2009

the future of makeup

Everyone, please put your powder brushes down. There is a movement of airbrush makeup artists on the West Coast that will blow your mind. What they bring to the art of makeup is a whole other level of craftsmanship and I have yet to see anything come close to it in New York City. If I was a magazine I would be trying to contact them right about now.

The Artists: Adam Tenenbaum, Jessica Lynn Atreides, Andrew Jones....I love you all.
Photography: Kyle Hailey, FlashFlynn


  1. I noticed this same trend, specific to California, when looking through Flickr the past weeks. I was equally impressed and excited by it. It's great to see you feature it here. :)

  2. these are beautiful and inspiring! lovely headpieces, makes me want to whip out a leather punch and some feathers and just go crazy. complete art and sculpture. thank you :D

  3. hans haveron is splitting time between nyc and la these days :) hansy was one of the first to paint me....

  4. the style comes from LA artist Hans Haveron. He began the movement and actually taught Andrew Jones and Adam Tenembaum, He is also one of my favorite painters in the world, check his stuff out online if you get a chance , a real treat for surreal futura lovers.