Wednesday, January 13, 2010

black bikini

Screw winter, beat the system.
Every year I eff off to Costa Rica to spend time in a town I call my second home-Malpais. In English Malpais means the badlands, which I always found perfectly fitting for myself and the land in which I adore. Everything about this place is twisted, beautiful and incredibly wild.
So, here is a first look at many tropical shoots...I promise to get beyond the setting sunset "look" but I couldn't really get further than my flip flops and beer the past few days.
oh, and the dead bird sunset fave.
Heart necklace in the last shot is by: Jan Hilmer


    Have you seen any of Fever Ray's videos? They suit your alluring, erie darkness

  2. Fever Ray is like an endless sunset.

  3. That second picture is breathtaking!