Sunday, January 3, 2010

dont listen to others

As quoted by the artist:

"Hello, my name is MJ (minjae lee) I’m an 19 year man living in Korea, I am an illustrator and a painter. I have loved color since I was 7 year old. Not many people accepted me using colors this way,
including a few teachers.. so, I’ve always drawn by myself."

I hope those teachers die.
You can check the rest of his profile here: Minjae Lee


  1. His art is very reminiscent of David Mack!

  2. so pretty!!!! oh twisted i love thee

  3. These are wonderful! Love the second one.

    I hope those teachers die. Haha! love it

  4. Makes me wonder why the fuck I'm so hesitated to use colour in my own work... perhaps this needs to change.

  5. This pictures are incredible. When I took art classes I felt like I had ideas like that in my head but couldn't get them out. This kid is effing talented!

    Fashion X K8

  6. Wow, they are amazing pictures, what a talented artist!

    I agree with your sentiment about the teachers, too. ;)

    I could see these being used in high fashion ad campaigns - somebody snap him up!