Tuesday, February 23, 2010

beginning to an end

Patrizio Di Renzo is slaying my brain. A few posts back I highlighted one of his shoots and I just couldn't resist to show you another. Gawd, just LOOK at how incredible this editorial is, everything about it screams amazing. My fantasies just got even more grandiose (insert huge sigh).
I am about 99% sure that the makeup is done by legendary artist Kabuki, who is also a master of his trade.
Styling by: Patrick Hausermann
Photographer: Patrizio Di Renzo


  1. it was kabuki who did the make up and paper-hair.
    the shooting took place in paris,1 year ago i think.
    the black,asian paper-hair is in front of me.
    because i'm shearing my atelier with the stylist of this shooting:
    patrick hausermann from zuerich/switzerland

  2. the making of...


  3. Dear Anonymous-THANK YOU! Seriously, this is one of my favorite all time shoots. Stay awesome. xoxoTL

  4. in----cred---i----ble