Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PetrouMan AW10

Every show at fashion week is like a blind date, you just never know what you're getting yourself into. At this point in the overall NYFW dating pool, I have been to roughly six shows and although some were extraordinary, I hadn't really met one that screamed TwistedLamb...that was until I attended Petrou. The awesome headdresses, dubstep music and gorgeous boys were enough to make me profoundly swear then run around and take a zillion photos to forever save my epic first date.
These were beeeuuutiffuull boys, I say, absolute beauties....and the clothes were great too.


  1. {{{swoooooning for Petrou}}}

  2. hey what is the blog of the girl who was covering the shows with you yesterday?

  3. Those headpieces (and boys ahaha) are so amazingly beautiful *__* How do you get into these shows? They seem like so much fun!

  4. Ahh, dubstep and fashion collaborating, that's something that could never go wrong.
    These headpieces are absolutely brilliant, and very pretty in an obscure way