Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Queen

He was the one that rocked my world in fashion. He stretched my mind and opened doors within I never thought were there. I love this man. This loss is too much for me right now and all I see is a huge blank canvas that no one else can touch. Our world has lost a genius.
I hope he has found happiness wherever he swims...he will always be inside and everywhere I go.
                                                          Alexander McQueen


  1. feel very similarly. there's nothing more to say.

  2. The pressure to be great to all is too much when you need All to be great to you when your morning your own loss ( his mother). I'll never forget how devastated I was to lose my mother (she drowned) all at the same time juggling my classes, her estate, her funeral arrangements, work, family and friends...all I wanted was to be left alone in my own grief but held and comforted and told that someone ELSE would take care of my responsibilites...just this once. Someone else to do the dirty work. Alex you ARE loved...we'll miss least we have the shell you left behind (your beautiful life's work). You were the pearl. Peace. "We are powdered ashes in the light of beauty" - Lyrics from Bat for lashes

  3. You said it beautifully. Rest in peace