Friday, February 12, 2010

New York Fashion Week-Day 1

First show was L.A.M.B at Milk Studios. The clothes were typical and expected but nonetheless cool to see. I liked the makeup on the models, looked dashingly evil.
Next was Bess at the St. Marks Theater in the Lower East Side. The mood was antique creepiness with a boudoir flavor. Absinthe was served. The models were to DIE for, so androgynous and witchy and the entire show was a perfect escape. Unfortunately my pictures suck because the lighting was too dark, once I score better ones I'll put them up.
To all you west coasters-you would have loved this show, I couldn't stop thinking about you.
La Perla was the third show of the day. Very different than the last two and super fun in a glam/supermodel sort of way.
Final show was at CBGB. Su Yoon was showing her cool new shoe line along with designer Christine Su. At this point I was wiped from consistently sobbing over McQueen and so many shows.

I jump back in tomorrow, stay tuned for more.


  1. The first picture of a model who's name escapes me killer shoes on that one. Bess looked cool. Both jealous and happy you went to the tents.

    Joy D.

    ps.I will be in New York Sunday and Monday. What are you up to?

  2. Those booties on the man in the first two pictures are very intriguing. Wow.

  3. Number one in the photos - so creative with the shoes! And number two is such a fitty ;)

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  4. Is the first guy wearing boot-protectors? Or is that the actual design of his shoes?

  5. Those are the actual design of the shoe, I think they are Rick Owens but I could be off.
    That guys name is Shaun Ross, hes a model.