Tuesday, March 23, 2010


No one else knows my secrets more than these boots. They basically go everywhere I go and protect my feet like a bouncer, mean steel toe and all. They're streetsmart, well traveled and put up with a lot of shit, literally. Fashion-wise all genres are crossed...ballgowns or bikinis, they fully represent.

These were shot today while on the subway heading home. The first pic is my head leaning on the subway as its about to take off, dont worry my boots were protecting me.


  1. I totally empathise - I've got an old pair of All Saints boots that have literally travelled the world with me, danced in the best (and worst) clubs and even walked up the ailse with me. I'll never find another pair like them xx

  2. i can relate to your boot love. my docs are almost glued to my feet. they are the most comfortable shoes i own.