Sunday, May 2, 2010


The TwistedLamb household is always an adventure. Dinner parties quickly turn into photoshoots, especially when your friend brings over 100 year old lobster claws to play with. The cross pollination of animal accesories were brilliant, mix that with a few models and some rum and the night became perfectly weird.
As for the last image, the lobster claw yeah, I guess if you cant get the real McQueen armadillo heels I guess you just have to make them yourself. 


  1. wow these are pretty amazing images.
    i like the background of the second image and the claws for hands. cool

  2. last pic is hillarious!!!
    Lee wuda been proud! props!

  3. I LOVE U SO VERY MUCH! Your out of your minD! But we need to talk about those claws!!! SHOES SHOES SHOES!