Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dressing on the playa 101.
Vogue US 2000
Photographer: Arthur Elgort


  1. Oh yesssss. Desert fashion ftw.

  2. Hehe! It's so fun to co-op other people's cultures! Yeah, I mean we've already stolen their land, enslaved their people and irrevocably destroyed their livelihoods and communities. Why not blindly steal their fashion too!?

    Yeah and we won't have to deal with any of the racism, systemic oppression or crippling poverty either because we're rich pretty white people! YAY!

  3. Hey Rooster St $- Stop being such an ignorant hater. Go browse somewhere else, you're not wanted in these parts.

  4. You're about as tribal as tribal tattoos. Your "noble savage" daydreams of some glamorous primitivist utopia would evaporate pretty quickly if you'd ever bother to take an interest in unfashionable parts of other cultures. You are just like the millions of other husks; you cherry-pick what you like from whatever ethnic group is trendy at the moment without ever bothering to understand the context.

    Spend some time with actual tribal people. Go to the native American reservations, crippled by poverty and centuries of systematic oppression, riddled with diabetes and alcoholism. Study some African history and learn about how much fun getting brutally colonized and randomly split into countries without regard to traditional ethnic or physical boundaries was. See how well that's worked out for them. Go to the Amazon and watch the indigenous people forced ravage their homeland with logging and slash and burn agriculture in order to support their families.

    Whether you acknowledge it or not, your entire life has been built on centuries of systematic exploitation and extermination of indigenous people across the globe. You play dress up and pretend that you're rejecting it all even as you enjoy all the benefits and luxuries that the atrocities have begotten either directly or indirectly. The very land you live on was stolen from the people you superficially emulate when you deem it fashionable. You may convince yourself you're honoring them, but the fact remains you're still living off their suffering.

    Am I saying you have to reject society in all its forms in order to be a moral person? No, that's absurd. You can't live outside your culture no matter how hard you try.

    All I'm saying is have enough respect to comprehend and admit where your privileged life comes from and enough decency not to treat other cultures as your own personal wardrobe.

  5. $$ Rooster $$-First-RELAX, my god you are wound up and self-righteous.

    Second-If you had any idea who and where I grew up you would feel like a real idiot.You sound exactly like every ignorant person you hate in your messages. Judging someone this hard without knowing anything about them is ridiculous.

    Now go get yourself a tribal tattoo.

  6. Rooster, I am so impressed with your self-righteous holier-than-thou attitude. I am surprised that you had time to crawl out from under your shit-don't-smell rock to type this scorn from your aryan-invented imperialist computer.


  7. Well at least she is upfront about it:
    Rooster St. $
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Judging Others
    and the icon says "#1 Hypocrite"

    Cool photos. Vogue on the playa? Pretty fun.
    As far as the polemic goes, what ever. Sounds like a hatting hippie. If the hippies stopped hating so much (a bit of advice for and comes so close to home for my tribe) then maybe we'd get more done.