Sunday, July 18, 2010

Metal Couture

Was perusing the web, checking out some of my favorite bookmarks. Ran into this creepy beauty on Manuel Albarran's website, a concept artist using metal and various materials in mindbending forms. I could say many typical blogger-isims to sum up my feelings for Manuel but I'll just leave it at this !#$!&%
Designer: Manuel Albarran


  1. This is amazing! I'm going to continue watching "Carnivàle" now, then go to sleep and wake up and look at these pictures again. Thank you, and thank you Manuel.

  2. Wow looks amazing! I love his work, such a way with metal. I was also reading about him here at PUSH IT :

  3. STOP IT!!!! gag me with a spoon!!!!! give me hand spikes with my blood spatter... bachhaus meets metropolis... as always thanks for the love TL

  4. photographer: Gustavo Lopez Mañas