Wednesday, November 3, 2010


  1. This made me sad for humanity, that the collective consciousness in the cities are at this place. To use such technical talent with such little concern for intention, just demonstrates the gluttony and greed found in the creator of this. Just as poor as the people killing the main actor. Why not go a little bit further than to leave us feeling like.... hell.
    And why stay in the victorian era; why not go beyond the architecture you are surrounded by.....
    So many 18 yr olds are watching you, to follow you....where are you going?

  2. beautiful and emotional

  3. Loved it...reminded me of The Piano... beautiful on all levels!
    not really sure what the cat above is on about the intention here to express the depth of Love is apparent + the ignorance of those that dont understand it is the tragedy... Love + Tragedy in art have always been favoured themes of the world's greatest artists, its the plight between man + his search for the divine!