Friday, February 11, 2011

The girl who thinks shes the girl with the dragon tattoo

Impossible to beat the original but at least we get to watch it all over again.
Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
W Magazine, February 2011 
I also have to note that my good friends over at Tawapa are adorning the ears on this editorial, nice work.


  1. I know right? Nothing against her but this is just a washed-out, overly-sexualized version of Lisbeth Salander. Leave it to America. Just like MTV ruined Skins!

  2. Actually? I'm not hating on this. She doesn't look tatooed enough, but looks suitably other in the second to last picture. It really hangs on whether she can play Salander (and of course, the original's always going to be the original.) I'm just hoping they don't make her too 'pretty'.