Monday, May 16, 2011

Ernte vs. Kmrii

I couldn't ask for a better apocalyptic jacket match-off then this one. If you know the history of this piece then I hope your smiling. Half the studs represent KMRii and the other half Ernte. I'm not quite sure the year of this collaboration but it was a special one specifically created for Black Rock City. The leather has been painted black for that extra toughness and lemme tell ya, there are more secret pockets then any festival goer could ever ask for.
This jackets represents so much in underground history, its an honor to have it in my closet.


  1. This jacket is incredible and I am glad to finally be able to put a label's name to those leather bags I have been gawking over for so long. GORGEOUS.

  2. horrible trash and mean

    check this