Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a season in hell and illuminations

there is a state between darkness and light where your heart becomes a vessel of the imagination, this is were the deepest truest expression of feeling comes through. within this cavernous realm we came together to create this video.
in dedication to beauty, life, fashion and those we love who have passed i give you this as my gift of love. xxx KITTINHAWK

Models- Ms Vee, Joshua David Reno, Marerr, Amelia Rose Barlow
Erin clark- makeup
Joshua david reno- hair and assistant styling
Hiero- assistant director, cinematographer
Matthew Gamlen- editing, visual effects
KITTINHAWK- handmade couture, art direction/ director
music by the KNIFE


  1. Any Rimbaud reference is enough to win me over, but this video stands strong on itself as well. Driven by a dominating force, each second pulls you deeper in.

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