Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sir Steampunk

If I were a classy Vampire, I'd be bloodsucking this entire collection.
Prada Fall/Winter 2012


  1. Uuuuuh i can imagine them on some actors from "true blood" !!! Nice stuff i guess :)

  2. I love the collection + the actors but together in this campaign doesnt do it for me at all.. its all so dry + there's definately a couple of shots where the clothes arent fitting well .. bup bam ...

  3. The use of actors made me think they were super stylish costumes from an upcoming movie, not _real_ clothes that we could own! Yeah, a couple of the double breasted numbers aren't sitting quite right, possibly because of the accessories/props in breast pockets or the size is one too small. I don't care for the last jacket with what looks like a vinyl trim, and some of the overcoats are cut more like smoking jackets - not a bad thing but will the market take that up - other than that I can see this doing well.