Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TwistedLamb X Mongol Derby

                                 TwistedLamb to ride in Mongol Derby 2014

TwistedLamb has been selected to ride in the Mongol Derby in August 2014. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the toughest horse race in the world. For over 1000 Kilometers, myself and 35 other hand picked international riders will be racing across Mongolia on semi-wild horses for a chance at an insane life experience.

For ten days we will be following Genghis Khan's legendary postal route, switching horses every 40 kilometers and relying on nomads for food, water and shelter. Only a GPS will be used for guidance and a max of 11 pounds of gear to carry will be allowed.

The horses are semi-wild native Mongolian horses and known for their toughness and steel manner. They are the backbone of Mongolia and to this day, outnumber people seven to one. Every 40 kilometers, we will be switching to a new horse at the designated check points. Vets and race officials will be present to make sure the horse's heart rate and condition are solid before moving on to a different horse. If their heart rate is above the set rate, we will be penalized or possibly eliminated.  

Why am I competing in this race? Because I believe in pursuing your life dream, self-empowerment, freedom and to be part of the greatest horse ride in the world. TwistedLamb has always been about creative strength and it's this belief that I'm taking to Mongolia with me; to show myself and others that self expression and personal growth in itself is an artform. 

My entire life has been riding horses and all proceeds after expenses will be donated to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Located in South Dakota, Black Hills is a 10,000 acre safe haven for wild and unwanted Mustangs to live freely. Horses are my spirit animal and freedom is everything. 

For more information on this epic place.

In order to compete in the race I need to raise $20,000 and I am asking for your help. 

The breakdown of the costs are:

Entrance fee: $12,500
Charity: $2000 minimum
Airline Ticket to Mongolia: $2300
Gear (saddle, GPS, equipment..): $3200

Any donation is greatly appreciated - no matter how big or small. The donations are tax deductible and for a great cause. 

For donations either mail me directly at: TwistedLamb 730 NE 71st St Miami FL 33138 or for instant donations visit TwistedLambxMongolDerby

The images and documentation of this amazing adventure will be invaluable and I will inject my own sense of style and aesthetic into the endeavor and present it here on TwistedLamb for your pleasure. The images will be AMAZING!

For further information:
Website: The Adventurists

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